Strain Your Synapse

from by Miracle Worker



I know you already think I've jarred a few screws loose
but don't strain a single synapse thinking too much of it
when thinking and feeling are your unloved, quaint and dormant talents
You cower from them like a giant, afraid of her own power

Take your pick from the blue ribbon winners.
Survey their plumage on your hubris stroll.
Their feats of strength will dazzle and amuse you.
It's a contest I have eluded.

I'm a dull date out of witticisms
I'm a minister out of stuttered rapture
You'd rather bask in cascading hollowness
than walk into the mines with me.

I don't have a moment to spare
when nooses bid for my neck
when I've wasted all
my love on the wrong people
My mandible's on the ground
I've molted beyond recognition
and we're alps on each others chests
not lares securing passage
for smooth transmutation
You stunt your own evolution,
sink into familiar trenches
and let the dullards sing your praises

I took you to bat, expecting a change
Our feet in the water, but the ocean was daunting
You're a pearly presence
best left untroubled, fishing for substance
in a tumor that's ruptured
Watch me sail off, disheveled and mute
a Barbary captain, stowing rotten cargo.


from Copacetic Blues, track released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Miracle Worker Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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