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Pyrrhuloxia in oblivious flight. It doesn't know, the impending cold.
Starving calico in a parking lot. Blinded by cataracts. Curls into a cinder block.
Thrill-seeking rich kids on a pleasure cruise. They incinerate the old man's barn and toss the ashes.
Every cemetery ravaged by hurricanes. Headstones become the home of a fang-tooth fish.
I walk through the refuse alley. The area is up and coming. Limitless brands of dereliction. The meadow was a sanctuary, until they quarantined and charged admission. Retrieve my bloody head from the wicker basket where it lays. Place it upon a pike, till I'm carbon, brittle specks in the wind. Pleasant dissipation.


from Copacetic Blues, released January 1, 2012
Recorded by Charlie Bursch of Elicit Sound Studios. Mixed and Mastered by CJ Ridings of Holy Seer Recordings. Artwork by Ben Henstrom at Ambulantic Videoworks.

Stephen Jarrett - Composition, Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Gregg Webber - Drums and Percussion



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Miracle Worker Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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