Leper Son

from by Miracle Worker



I was your favorite leper son. I even bandaged my wounds.
Licked them sparkling clean for the benefit parades.
Now I labor through the night to expunge your DNA.
I want your coat of arms to rust into disgrace. I want your sadist's memoir
to furl like a worm in the rain.

I buried in the mire
all the shame that you imparted
Still shrapnel's spreading in my mind
You're the crushing overseer
who left his peasant in the sun
body baking on the wheel
my pain, your meal

The bluebirds, monarchs are soaring free into the clutch of the whitest priests
while the deacons cook and clean, readminister disease
Behold another scapegoat raped by an apprentice of decimation
the spoils of your Con-quest, the fledgling in your path
I flinched when I was cornered, amidst the plaque, mercury laughs.

I listened to your cryptic promise.
“You'll be broken too. You'll be broke in two.”
and sang the copacetic blues
complicit quiet, complicit quiet
You're the amalgam of an aeon
another lip-smacking lackey:
glazed mannequin malaise
cold Saturn's thirst
extinguished summer of my life
but now you can recline, unburdened and drugged

I spent my life watching my back,
boxing lineal shadows. Now you're thunder without lightning,
a broken-toothed oracle, twisting my perception.
You are just a figment of your own imagination
ravaging all that is beautiful.
You set the terms of my imprisonment:
“Here's your lifetime poisoned mind.”
Bequeath the family heirloom, a bouquet of rusted steel.
Now it's mine to unravel it
to melt the remainder down
to cross the river at twilight
to leave my shell in the shallows
to crawl exposed on the river bank
and grow new flesh


from Copacetic Blues, track released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Miracle Worker Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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