Now that you have flushed me from your veins
and made your confession to the chapter of faults
You are unencumbered by this shipwreck
fever-wailing minstrel, vitals crushed
You held me up as myth, down as flesh
the simulacrum floundered
I crumbled as rust
A lithograph of Avalokita
thousand armed and hopeless
cradles all of our sorrow

The inspector at the factory, moving units, doesn't care
if the contents of the can make us healthy, make us sick.
We are banished from the convent
limping through the gnostic desert
We are misers snake-charming for stale bread
for a house of clay and toothpicks,
for clandestine titillation, every memory is sealed in concrete
relegated to the darkest spaces, to the secret cove that sears us.

But don't stop to scrutinize the fire
the flames are looping like a shuttle
and our dignity's the fodder, and our dignity's defiled

When I reach out I'm devoted
Not a cipher to be decoded
I approached you without motive
now I'm the villain that you've decloaked.

We are single dots: straggling dogs. We feel the same: muzzled and shocked.
We share a meek castrated bark. It's a voice, hardly enough
to hum our deluded lieder; while I cover my ears and quiver,
underneath the seeded clouds, that contaminate our lungs,
you're the poltergeist that rattles my dresser and I'm the widow that doesn't know better
than to linger by your swollen grave, than to hold you in the light again.

There are 13,000 failed astronauts in every single county.
They've traded Adventure pulps
for company parking spots in the fire lane
burying their hearts in the limestone
a holy procession giving conversions
They want to carry my burdens
light years away.
The offer's for both of us, foragers, wrecked and alone
but there is no spark, curative clove, temple or touch
to lift our armor.


from Copacetic Blues, track released December 1, 2012
Recorded by Charlie Bursch of Elicit Sound Studios. Mixed and Mastered by CJ Ridings of Holy Seer Recordings. Artwork by Ben Henstrom at Ambulantic Videoworks.

Stephen Jarrett - Composition, Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Gregg Weber - Drums and Percussion



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Miracle Worker Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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